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Where to find more information?

Here are a few links to Mattermost content that you might find helpful depending on the specific area where youโ€™ll be contributing.

Mattermost resources 

  1. Specific localization guides (coming soon!)
  2. Mattermost contributor agreement
  3. Approved contributor list
  4. Making an app
  5. The API
  6. Incoming and outgoing webhooks
  7. Plugins, also Plugins
  8. Making slash commands
  9. Embedding Mattermost in other places
  10. Server project
  11. Webapp project
  12. Mobile apps
  13. Desktop app
  14. Focalboard
  15. Playbooks

External resources 

  1. How ICU syntax works
  2. Use gender-neutral language in communications and in content

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