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Contribute to Focalboard

The Focalboard project is written in TypeScript and Go.

Here’s the process for contributing to Focalboard:

  1. Fork the Focalboard repository, clone it locally, and follow the steps in the Personal Server Setup Guide to build it. You can read the CHANGELOG to learn about recent updates.

  2. Find help wanted tickets that are up for grabs in GitHub. Comment to let everyone know you’re working on it and let a core contributor assign the issue to you. If there’s no ticket for what you want to work on, read about contributions without a ticket.

  3. When your changes are checked in to your fork, follow the steps on our contribution checklist. If this will be your first contribution, there is a standard CLA that you will need to sign as part of this checklist.

  4. Submit your pull request for a code review and wait for a Focalboard core committer to review it. When in doubt, ask for help in the Focalboard channel on our community server. If you are still stuck, please message Chen Lim (@chenilim on GitHub).

  5. After a noteable bug fix or improvement is merged, submit a pull request to the CHANGELOG under the next release section.

We’re glad ❤️ you’re here! Good luck and have fun!




You can join the public Focalboard channel on our Mattermost community server. You can also file a bug for an issue or start a discussion on the repository.

Help wanted 

You can find help wanted tickets here.

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