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Plugins in Mattermost

Mattermost supports plugins that offer powerful features for extending and deeply integrating with both the Server and Web/Desktop Apps.

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Customize user interfaces 

Write a Web App plugin to add to the channel header, sidebars, main menu, and more. Register your plugin against a post type to render custom posts or wire up a root component to build an entirely new experience. All this is possible without having to fork the source code and rebase on every Mattermost release.

Launch tightly-integrated services 

Launch and manage Server plugins as services from your Mattermost server over RPC. Handle events via real-time hooks and invoke Mattermost server methods directly using a dedicated plugin API.

Extend the Mattermost REST API 

Extend the Mattermost REST API with custom endpoints for use by Web App plugins or third-party services. Custom endpoints have access to all the features of the standard Mattermost REST API, including personal access tokens and OAuth 2.0.

Simple development and installation 

It’s simple to set up a plugin development environment with the mattermost-plugin-starter-template. Just select “Use this template” when cloning the repository. Please see the developer setup and developer workflow pages for more information.

Read the plugins overview to learn more.

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