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Android push notifications at Mattermost

Push notifications on Android are managed and dispatched using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

  • Create a Firebase project within the Firebase Console.

  • Click Add Project image

  • Enter the project name, project ID and Country



Once the project is created you’ll be redirected to the Firebase project dashboard


  • Click Add Firebase to your Android App

  • Enter the package ID of your custom Mattermost app as the Android package name.

  • Enter an App nickname so you can identify it with ease


  • Once the app has been registered, download the google-services.json file which will be used later

  • Click CONTINUE and then FINISH image image image

Now that you have created the Firebase project and the app and downloaded the google-services.json file, you need to make some changes in the project.

  • Replace android/app/google-services.json with the one you downloaded earlier

At this point, you can build the Mattermost app for Android and setup the Mattermost Push Notification Service.

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