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Contribute to the Mattermost web app

The Mattermost web app is written in JavaScript using React and Redux.

It is powered by mattermost-redux which handles the majority of the logic, client-side storage and server communication.

Please note that issues associated with the Mattermost web app are found only in the Mattermost Server repo



Help Wanted 

Find help wanted tickets here.

Folder Structure 

The main directories are:

  • actions - Redux action creators and other view logic
  • components - React UI components
  • e2e - End-to-end tests for the web app
  • i18n - Localization files and utilities
  • packages - Subpackages used by the web app and related projects, including mattermost-redux
  • plugins - Plugin utilities, documentation and components
  • reducers - Web app specific Redux reducers
  • selectors - Web app specific Redux selectors
  • tests - Unit and component tests
  • utils - General utilities and constants

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