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Contribute to the Mattermost web app

The Mattermost web app is written in JavaScript using React and Redux.


It is located in the webapp directory of the main Mattermost repository.


Help Wanted 

Find help wanted tickets here.

Package structure 

The web app is set up as a monorepo which has the code broken up into multiple packages. The main packages in the web app are:

  • channels - The main web app which contains Channels, the System Console, login/signup pages, and most of the core infrastructure for the app.
    • src/. Key folders include:
      • actions - Contains Redux actions which make up much of the view logic for the web app
      • components - Contains UI components and views written using React
      • i18n - Contains the localization files for the web app
      • packages/mattermost-redux - Contains most of the Redux logic used for handling data from the server
      • plugins - Contains the plugin framework, utility functions and components
      • reducers - Contains Redux reducers used for view state
      • selectors - Contains Redux selectors used for view state
      • tests - Contains setup code and mocks used for unit testing
      • utils - Contains many widely-used utility functions
  • platform - Packages used by the web app and related projects
    • client - The JavaScript client for Mattermost’s REST API, available on NPM as @mattermost/client
    • components - A work-in-progress package containing UI components designed to be used by different parts of Mattermost
    • types - The TypeScript types used by Mattermost, available on NPM as @mattermost/types

Important libraries and technologies 

  • React - React is a user interface library used for React apps. Its key feature is that it uses a variation of JavaScript called JSX to declaratively define interfaces using HTML-like syntax.
  • Redux - Redux is a state management library used for JavaScript apps. Its key features are a centralized data store for the entire app and a pattern for predictably modifying and displaying that spplication state. Notably, we’re not using Redux Toolkit since a large portion of our Redux code predates its existence.
  • Redux Thunk - Redux Thunk is a middleware for Redux that’s used to write async actions and logic that interacts more closely with the Redux store.
  • React Redux - React Redux is the library used to connect React components to a Redux store.

Legacy Notes 

Note that the webapp was previously located at https://github.com/mattermost/mattermost-webapp/. You may find additional history in this repository that was not migrated back to https://github.com/mattermost/mattermost when forming the monorepo.

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