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Our application uses the electron-log module to do most of our logging. It facilitates both file and console logging. For file logging, you can find the location of the log files by going to Help > View Logs from within the application.

Our app supports the following log levels: error, warn, info, verbose, debug, and silly.

In addition to the library, we provide a Logger object that simplifies and streamlines setting up logging for an individual module. To create a Logger object, simply create a new one:

import {Logger} from 'common/log';

const log = new Logger('MyModuleName');

You can then use the resulting log object to call any of the provided electron-log functions, and each log entry with be automatically prefixed with your module name.

// Will print out "[MyModuleName] a long entry"
log.debug('a log entry'); 

If you need to add additional prefixing, for example to log events on a specific object instance, we provide the withPrefix() method which allows you to add additional prefixes.

// Will print out "[MyModuleName] [some-id] a long entry"
const myObjectId = 'some-id';
log.withPrefix(myObjectId).debug('a log entry');

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