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Add new dependencies in Mattermost

If you need to add a new dependency to the project, it is important to add them in the right way. Instructions for adding different types of dependencies are described below.

JavaScript only 

If you need to add a new JavaScript dependency that is not related to React Native, use npm, not yarn. Be sure to save the exact version number to avoid conflicts in the future.

$ npm i --save-exact <package-name>

If the dependency is only for development

$ npm i --save-exact --save-dev <package-name>

React Native 

As with JavaScript only, use npm to add your dependency and include an exact version.

If the library contains iOS native code, make sure to run:

$ npm run pod-install

Most of the time linking the library to React Native is done automatically, but at times some libraries need to be manually linked. In this case follow the library’s documentation.

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