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Use labels to track issues and PRs at Mattermost

We leverage GitHub labels to track the details and lifecycle of issues and pull requests.

Issue labels 

  • Area/<name>: Involves changes to the named area (APIv4, E2E Tests, Localization, Plugins, etc.)
  • Bug Report/Open: Bug report unresolved, awaiting for more information or in development backlog.
  • Bug Report/Scheduled for Release: Bug report resolved and scheduled for an upcoming release. Milestone indicates scheduled release version.
  • Difficulty/1:easy: Easy ticket.
  • Difficulty/2:medium: Medium ticket.
  • Difficulty/3:hard: Hard ticket.
  • Good First Issue: Suitable for first-time contributors.
  • Help Wanted: Community help wanted.
  • Move to Feature Ideas forum: Marked for relocation to the feature ideas forum.
  • Move to Troubleshooting: Marked for relocation to the troubleshooting section of the documentation.
  • PR Submitted: A pull request has been opened for this issue.
  • Tech/<name>: Requires using the named technology (Go, JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, etc.)
  • Up for Grabs: Ready for help from the community. Removed when someone volunteers.

Pull request labels 

  • 1: PM Review: Requires review by a product manager.
  • 1: UX Review: Requires review by a UX designer.
  • 1: SME Review: Requires review by a subject matter expert (used in the Handbook).
  • 2: Dev Review: Requires review by a core committer.
  • 2: Editor Review: Requires review by a technical writer.
  • 3: QA Review: Requires review by a QA tester. May occur at the same time as Dev Review.
  • 4: Reviews Complete: All reviewers have approved the pull request.
  • Awaiting Submitter Action: Blocked on the author.
  • AutoMerge: If all checks and approvals pass and the user adds this label, it will be in the queue to get merge automatically without a human intervention.
  • Changelog/Done: Required changelog entry has been written.
  • Changelog/Not Needed: Does not require a changelog entry.
  • CherryPick/Approved: Meant for the quality or patch release tracked in the milestone.
  • CherryPick/Candidate: A candidate for a quality or patch release, but not yet approved.
  • CherryPick/Done: Successfully cherry-picked to the quality or patch release tracked in the milestone.
  • Demo Plugin Changes/Needed: Requires changes to the demo plugin.
  • Demo Plugin Changes/Done: Required changes to the demo plugin have been submitted.
  • Do Not Merge/Awaiting Loadtest: Must be loadtested before it can be merged.
  • Do Not Merge/Awaiting Next Release: To be merged with the next release (e.g. API documentation updates).
  • Do Not Merge/Awaiting PR: Awaiting another pull request before merging (e.g. server changes).
  • Do Not Merge: Should not be merged until this label is removed.
  • Docs/Done: Required documentation has been written.
  • Docs/Needed: Requires documentation.
  • Docs/Not Needed: Does not require documentation.
  • Hackfest: Related to a Mattermost hackathon.
  • Hacktoberfest: Related to Hacktoberfest.
  • Lifecycle/<state>: An inactive contribution.
  • Loadtest: Triggers an automatic load test.
  • Major Change: The pull request is a major feature or affects large areas of the code base (e.g. moving channel store and actions to Redux).
  • QA Deferred: Testing of this PR is expected to be completed after merge, likely when it is available on Community. Apply this in lieu of asking for 3: QA Review.
  • Setup Cloud Test Server: Triggers the creation of a Enterprise Edition test server.
  • Setup HA Cloud Test Server: Triggers the creation of a test server that has high availability.
  • Setup Cloud + CWS Test Server: Triggers the creation of a test server that connects to our test Customer Web Server.
  • Setup Upgrade Test Server: Triggers the creation a test server and performs an upgrade.
  • Tests/Done: Required tests have been written.
  • Tests/Not Needed: Does not require tests.
  • Work in Progress: Not yet ready for review.

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