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Built-in slash commands

Each Mattermost installation comes with some built-in slash commands that are ready to use. These commands are available in the latest Mattermost release:

Command Description Example
/away Set your availablity to away /away
/offline Set your availablity to offline /offline
/online Set your availablity to online /online
/dnd Set your availablity to Do Not Disturb /dnd
/code {text} Display text as a code block /code File bugs
/collapse Turn on auto-collapsing of image previews /collapse
/expand Turn off auto-collapsing of image previews /expand
/echo {message} {delay in seconds} Echo back text from your account /echo Hello World 5
/header {text} Edit the channel header /header File bugs here
/invite @{user} ~{channel-name} Invite user to the channel /invite @john ~sampleChannel
/purpose {text} Edit the channel purpose /purpose A channel to discuss bugs
/rename {text} Rename the channel /rename Developers
/help Open the Mattermost help page /help
/invite @{user} ~{channel-name} Invite user to the channel /invite @john ~sampleChannel
/invite_people { …} Send an email invite to your Mattermost team /invite_people
/kick (or /remove) {@username} Remove a member from a Public or Private channel /kick @alice
/join (or /open) {channel-name} Join the given channel /join off-topic
/leave Leave the current channel /leave
/mute Turn off desktop, email and push notifications for the current channel or the [channel] specified /mute ~[channel]
/logout Log out of Mattermost /logout
/me {message} Do an action /me Hello World
/msg {@username} {message} Send a Direct Message to a user /msg @alice hello
/groupmsg {@username1, @username2, …} {message} Send a Group Message to the specified users /groupmsg @alice, @bob hello
/search {text} Search text in messages /search meeting
/settings Open the Settings dialog /settings
/shortcuts Display a list of keyboard shortcuts /shortcuts
/shrug {message} Add ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to your message /shrug oh well
/status {emoji_name} {descriptive status_message} Set a custom status that includes an optional emoji and a descriptive status message /status sick Feeling unwell and taking time off to recover
/status clear Clear the current status /status clear

To create a custom slash command, see the Custom slash commands documentation.