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The Mattermost web Marketplace supports discovery, installation, and updates of extensions of the Mattermost platform. If you have built a plugin, app, playbook, integration, or tool that helps other users get more from Mattermost, the web Marketplace is a great way to get feedback on your contribution and help make it more popular. Once your submission is accepted to the web Marketplace, Mattermost will also send you swag! All contributions are eligible following a review from our team.

Types of integrations to submit to the web Marketplace 

  • Plugins
  • Webhook configuration
  • Playbook templates
  • Utility tools, such as importers, command line interfaces, and scripts

Submit your contribution for the web Marketplace 

Please fill out the information in this form to be reviewed by a member of the Mattermost team.

Every contribution goes through the following checklist before being added to the web Marketplace at mattermost.com/marketplace:

  1. There is a link to the contribution so we can test it out.
  2. There is documentation to support people installing, configuring, and using the contribution. We also recommend including screenshots to give users a better understanding of the workflow and user experience.
  3. There is a public issue or bug tracker for users to report bugs or issues they encounter.
  4. You’ve included a link to an image for your contribution:
    • Dimensions: 512 x 512 recommended
    • File size: Maximum 5 MB
    • File types: PNG, JPG, or SVG

We will also reach out to you to learn more about the integration, your experience developing with Mattermost, and to coordinate postings for social media.

Security issues 

Any security issues found in contributions in the web Marketplace should be reported by email to responsibledisclosure@mattermost.com, or sent directly to a member of the Security team on the Community Server.

Takedown policy 

If an integration available through the Marketplace contains a medium or greater security issue or bug that blocks or prevents usage for users isn’t fixed within 14 days of being acknowledged, that integration will be removed from the Marketplace, and may be resubmitted to the Marketplace once the issue is resolved. Mattermost reserves the right to take down contributions at any time if a fix for a security issue is not forthcoming, or the issue is critical enough to justify an immediate takedown.

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