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The Manager's Guide to Onboarding at Mattermost

Mentor For The Day 

  • Schedule a 1-1 each day between new staff and team members (including QA and PM) and other devs who would be relevant to meet with for the first two weeks
    • These meetings should be about 30 minutes and do not need to be focused on work topics. They should spend some time getting to know each other
    • The first 1-1 should be between you and the new staff member
  • In addition to the above 1-1s, you should meet personally with the new staff member for 5-10 minutes every day for the first week or so to make sure everything is going well

Channels and Teams 

  • Make sure new staff is added to the private team Private Core and all relevant channels
  • See here for basic list of channels

Meetings and Accounts 

  • Add new staff member to all appropriate meetings

OneLogin Account Set-up 

  • Login to OneLogin and go to https://mattermost.onelogin.com/admin
  • Click Users -> All Users > New User
  • Fill out first/last name, username, manager (use firstname.lastname as username)
  • Save user, then go to Applications tab
  • Add them to Developer, VPN, Vault, and Jenkins groups and save
  • For the new user, go to More Actions and click Send Invitation (without this they won’t get their invite)
  • If the user is marked as unlicensed, ask Carlos or Corey to increase OneLogin seat count

GitHub Group Set-up 

  • The membership to the Mattermost Github organization is handle by Onelogin / Lamdba function that adds the user in the correct Github Team.
  • For that work we need to add the user’s GitHub handle in the user’s OneLogin account. Please message @dschalla or @cpanato to add the data in OneLogin.

Core Committer Mug 

  • Message @hanna.park and ask her to send the new hire their core committer mug

Release Dates Google Calendar 

  • Message @amy.blais and ask her to add the new hire to the Mattermost Release Dates google calendar (if not added already)

R&D Google Calendar 

  • This is a shared calendar for R&D related meetings and events. All events on this calendar are open to anyone who wants to join, and are shared here as a way for people both inside and outside R&D to be able to participate in discussions that they’re interested in, and also keep track of the work that’s happening in R&D.

Jira Access 

  • Message @daniel.sischy and ask him to add the new hire to jira-developers and internal groups in Jira (if not added already)

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