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Troubleshooting the Mobile Build Process

Error message 

Unable to resolve module mattermost-redux/client from /Users/****/workspace/mm/mobile-build-app-pr/share_extension/android/index.js: Module mattermost-redux/client does not exist in the Haste module map.


Make sure the mattermost-redux package is build correctly.

The make build set of commands uses npm ci, sometimes the npm ci command will not run the prepare script used by mattermost-redux thus the library will not built causing the mobile build to fail.

  • ssh to the build machine (MacStadium)
  • cd ~/workspace/mm/mattermost-mobile-prod-release/mattermost-mobile
  • rm -rf node_modules
  • npm cache clean --force
  • npm i
  • Finally make sure ls node_modules/mattermost-redux/ shows that mattermost-redux was built.