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Release Tagging Process at Mattermost

  1. Head to the Github releases page.
  2. Copy the description of the previous release to your clipboard then click on the Draft a new release button.
  3. On the new release page:
    1. Paste the copied description into the description text area.
    2. Set the tag version to vX.Y.Z where X.Y.Z is the release version (i.e., v1.19.0 or v1.19.1).
    3. Click on the Target:master button and select the appropriate release branch (i.e., release-1.19 for v1.19.X).
    4. For the release title enter Mobile Version X.Y.Z (i.e., Mobile Version 1.19.1).
    5. Preview the description to make sure it displays correctly.
    6. Finally, press the Publish release button.
  4. Notify Eric Sethna in the Release Discussion channel that the mobile apps are ready to be deployed to the stores.