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The Mattermost Release Cutting Process

Note: To cut a build you need access to matterbuild. Please ask Christopher/Jason/Elisabeth for access if you don’t have it.

Developers and PMs decide when to create the release branch. The branch can be created from master or from an existing release branch, depending on which type of release we are planning. If it is a Quality Release, the new branch should be branched off the previous release, otherwise the branch should be off the master branch.

All commits go to master branch and are then cherry-picked to the appropriate branch. Commits to master follow the PR process and once the PR is approved and merged, the developer should cherry-pick that commit to the appropriate branch. No PR is needed for cherry-picks.

On code complete day, work with the PM on rotation to get all the pull requests for the current release merged into master and cherry-picked to the correct branch. Once that is done and you’ve confirmed with the PM, cut the first release candidate by following these steps:

  1. Give yourself access to matterbuild by adding yourself in the platform-private repo. See an example here. You will need to know your user Id in the community server.
  2. Trigger the matterbuild Jenkins job to update it
  3. Submit a PR to uncomment the upgrade code for the release version and add it to the version array. Use these PRs as examples, and
  4. Once the above PR is merged, post /mb cut X.X.X-rc1 into a private channel. Replace X.X.X with the release version, ex: 5.8.0. This will begin cutting the build and make an automatic post to the Release Discussion channel.
  • If you need to build an older release (older than 5.7.X), you will need to set the legacy and the backport flags in order to trigger the old job, ie. /mb cut 5.7.1-rc1 --backport --legacy.
  • Also, for the current job, you can define the Docker images using flags to build/test server and webapp. ie /mb cut 5.8.0-rc1 --server mattermost/mattermost-build-server:dec-7-2018 --webapp mattermost/mattermost-build-webapp:oct-2-2018.
  1. Wait approximately 25 minutes for the build to finish. If the build fails, please check the jenkins job to see what happened. Then simply repeat step 4. You can monitor build status from If any issues or questions, please ask Elisabeth (@elisabeth.kulzer on Community Server) or Jason Deland (@jason.deland on Community Server)
  1. Once the build finishes, submit a PR to master to add the upgrade code for the next release. For example, and

The build automation will take care of updating all the CI and test servers, and it will make a post in the Release Discussion channel with all the download links. It will also create the release branch named release-X.X, with X-X replaced by the major and minor version numbers.

Between now and the final release being cut, work with the PM on rotation to get priority fixes merged into the release branch. Note that all PRs to the release branch:

  1. Must be for Jira tickets approved for this release by you and the PM on rotation.
  2. Should be assigned to you and have the correct milestone set.

Work with the PM on rotation to decide when to cut new release candidates. The general guideline is cut a new RC after 3-5 fixes have been merged or it’s been a day or two since any more issues have come up. Each release usually has 3-4 release candidates. To cut a new release candidate:

  1. Post /mb cut X.X.X-rcX into a private channel, replacing X.X.X-rcX with the release version and the release candidate number we’re on. For example, 5.8.0-rc2.
  2. Wait for the build to finish or re-run it if the build fails.

Again, the build automation will update all the servers and post in the Release Discussion channel.

In addition to cutting new release candidates, you should merge the release branch into master on a daily basis. You can do this by making a pull request to merge release-X.X into master.

When it’s time to cut the final build, confirm with the PM that no more changes need to be merged. To cut the final release:

  1. Post /mb cut X.X.X into a private channel, replacing X.X.X with the release version.
  2. Just like before, if the build fails you can delete the tags and re-run it.

The links to download the final build will be posted in the Release Discussion channel. Congratulations, you’ve cut a release!

After a couple days pass you will need to set the CI servers to point back to master. To do this:

  1. Post /mb setci master into a private channel.

That’s it!