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Setting up VPN Access with Mattermost

Setup VPN access 

VPN Server:

  • Access the Onelogin link sent in the invitation email

  • Select in the two-factor auth OneLogin Protect or Yubikey (if you have an yubikey device)



  • Configure your two-factor

  • Access the vpn server to download the client (if you don’t have) and the config file (Used Locked profile)

    • Select Login and type your email and password (the same you used in the Onelogin) VPN HomePage
    • Download the client for your OS
    • Download the User locked profile VPN HomePage 2
  • Install the GUI client

  • Import the config file to the OpenVpn client VPN Clinet

  • Connect to the VPN

  • Alternatively, install and connect using the CLI client

brew install openvpn
sudo openvpn --config client.opvn --auth-retry interact