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A call (godoc) is the definition of an action. The values are:

Name Type Description
path string The path of the call. For HTTP apps, the path is appended to the app’s RootURL.
expand Expand A definition of the information to expand to send to the app.
state Object A set of elements to be interpreted by the app. Forms and slash commands will also populate these values.


To avoid extra communication between the app and Mattermost, you can include expansions in the calls. Expansions (godoc) will send in the call request the whole information of the required fields. You can expand each value to the following levels: none, all, or summary.

TODO: Define differences between all and summary

The possible expansions are:

Name Description
app Expands the app information.
acting_user Expands the acting user information.
acting_user_access_token Include the user-level access token.
channel Expands the channel information.
post Expands the post information.
root_post Expands the root post information.
team Expands the team information.
user Expands the subject user information.
oauth2_app Expands the remote OAuth2 configuration data.
oauth2_user Expands the remote OAuth2 user.
locale Expands the user locale, to be used in localizations.

Call handling 

Call request 

When a call is performed, a POST request will be made to the endpoint defined in the call. The call will include a “Mattermost-App-Authorization” header, with a jwtToken. Along the default claims, it will also send the Acting User ID.

The call request (godoc) will include:

Name Type Description
values Object The pairs of key values present in the call. Can be populated by forms and slash commands.
context Context The context of the call.
raw_command string The unparsed command for slash commands.
selected_field string Used in lookups and form refresh to communicate what field.
query string Used in lookups and form refresh what query strings is entered by the user.

The call type (godoc) can be:

Type Meaning
submit Submit.
form Request for a form.
cancel A form was canceled.
lookup Lookup for dynamic selects in forms.

Call context 

Depending on the location and expansions, calls will have different context. These are all the possible context (godoc) values.

Name Type Description
app_id string The app ID.
location Location The location from which the call was performed.
subject Subject Event subject.
bot_user_id string Bot user ID.
acting_user_id string ID from the user performing the call.
user_id string ID from the user which is the subject of the call.
team_id string ID from the team from within which the call was performed.
channel_id string ID from the channel from within which the call was performed.
post_id string ID from the post from within which the call was performed.
root_post_id string If the call was performed from a post in a thread, the root post ID of that thread.
app_path string App’s path on the Mattermost instance (appendable to mattermost_site_url).
mattermost_site_url string Mattermost base URL.
user_agent string User agent used to perform the call. It can be either webapp or mobile.
bot_access_token string (Expansion)
acting_user User (Expansion)
acting_user_access_token string (Expansion)
oauth2 App (Expansion)
app App (Expansion)
channel Channel (Expansion)
post Post (Expansion)
root_post Post (Expansion)
team Team (Expansion)
user User (Expansion)
locale string (Expansion)

Call response 

There are several types (godoc) of responses:

Value Description
ok OK.
error An error has occurred.
form Should open a form.
navigate Should navigate the user to a URL.

OK response 

Name Type Description
type string Use ok.
markdown string (Optional) Markdown text that will be sent to the user as an ephemeral post.

Error response 

Name Type Description
type string Use error.
error string Markdown text that will be sent to the user as an ephemeral post.

Form response 

Name Type Description
type string Use form.
form form Form to open.
Name Type Description
type string Use navigate.
navigate_to_url string URL to navigate to.
use_external_browser bool Whether the navigation link wll open in an external browser.

Special calls 


When the app is installed and on_install is defined in the [manifest], a special call is made to inform the app that it has been installed on the instance. This call is used mainly to initialize any needed information.

The expected responses are either OK or Error responses.