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All apps should define a manifest (godoc) as a JSON file. The manifest location must be $ROOTURL/manifest.json. The fields of the manifest are:

Name Type Description
app_id string ID for your app.
app_type string The hosting type of app you are developing. Can be http or aws_lambdaor builtin.
version string The version of your app.
homepage_url string The app homepage. Used in the Marketplace and for OAuth purposes.
display_name string The display name for your app.
description string The description for your app. Used in the Marketplace.
icon string The icon for your app. Used as the bot account icon and in the Marketplace. A relative path in the static assets folder of a .PNG image.
bindings Call The call gets invoked to retrieve bindings. By default invoke /bindings.
on_install Call The call gets invoked when the app gets installed. By default invoke /install, expanding app.
on_uninstall Call The call gets invoked when the app gets uninstalled, before the app is actually removed. It’s not called unless explicitly provided in the manifest.
requested_permissions Permissions All the permissions needed by the app.
requested_locations Locations The list of top-level locations that the application intends to bind to.
root_url string Base URL to send all calls. Only needed for HTTP apps.
aws_lambda []AWSLambdaDescription A list of AWS Lambda descriptions to be used for hosting the app. Learn more about hosting your app in AWS here.

An example manifest looks like this:

	"app_id": "hello-world",
    "display_name": "Hello, world!",
	"app_type": "http",
	"root_url": "http://localhost:8080",
	"requested_permissions": [
	"requested_locations": [


These are all the permissions (godoc) an app can ask for:

Name Description
user_joined_channel_notification Be notified when users join channels.
act_as_bot Use Mattermost REST API as the app’s bot user.
act_as_user Use Mattermost REST API as connected users.
act_as_admin Use Mattermost REST API as a System Admin.
remote_oauth2 Use remote (third-party) OAuth2 support, and will store secrets to third-party system(s).
remote_webhooks Receive webhooks from a remote (third-party) system, and process them as bot.


Locations (godoc) are spaces in the UI where the app can add interactions.

Name Description
/post_menu An item in the post menu.
/channel_header Webapp: A button in the channel header, Mobile: An item in the channel menu.
/command A slash command.
/in_post Attachment embedded to a post.