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The App manifest defines a number of callback methods (Calls) that are invoked by the Mattermost server at various times. If a callback isn’t defined in the manifest, it won’t be executed by the Mattermost server. The following table lists supported callbacks:

Name Manifest Parameter Details
OnInstall on_install OnInstall gets invoked when a System Admin installs the App with a /apps install command. It may return another call to the app, or a form to display.
OnUninstall on_uninstall OnUninstall gets invoked when a System Admin uses the /apps uninstall command, before the app is actually removed.
GetOAuth2ConnectURL get_oauth2_connect_url GetOAuth2ConnectURL is called when the App’s “connect to third party” link is selected to start an OAuth flow. It must return Data set to the remote OAuth2 redirect URL. A “state” string is created by the proxy, and is passed to the app as a value. The state is a one-time secret that is included in the connect URL, and will be used to validate OAuth2 complete callback.
OnOAuth2Complete on_oauth2_complete OnOAuth2Complete gets called upon successful completion of the remote (third party) OAuth2 flow, and after the “state” has already been validated. It gets passed the URL query as Values. The App should obtain the OAuth2 user token, and store it persistently for future use using appclient.StoreOAuth2User.
OnRemoteWebhook on_remote_webhook OnRemoteWebhook gets invoked when an HTTP webhook is received from a remote system, and is optionally authenticated by Mattermost. The request is passed to the call serialized as HTTPCallRequest (JSON).

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