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The App lifecycle

Install an App 

App installation refers to the process of a System Admin installing deployed apps within their Mattermost installation. Whenever the System Admin executes an /apps install slash command, or selects Install in the Marketplace, appropriate permissions are requested and the App is installed. During an App installation, both a bot and an OAuth app are created, and an OnInstall callback is sent to the App if it’s defined in the manifest.

sequenceDiagram actor System Admin System Admin->>Mattermost server: install app Mattermost server->>Apps framework: install app Apps framework->>App: request manifest App->>Apps framework: send manifest Apps framework->>System Admin: request permissions System Admin->>Apps framework: grant permissions Apps framework->>Mattermost server: create bot Apps framework->>Mattermost server: create OAuth app Apps framework->>Apps framework: enable app Apps framework->>App: call OnInstall if defined

/apps install parameters 

The generic form of the /apps install command is:

/apps install <DeployMethod> <ManifestURL>

The DeployMethod specifies how the App is deployed. The following values are supported:

  • http
  • aws_lambda (serverless)
  • open_faas (serverless)

The ManifestURL is the URL to the App’s manifest.json data.

For example, use the following command to install an App that was deployed via HTTP to http://my-app:8000:

/apps install http http://my-app:8000/manifest.json

Uninstall an App 

A System Admin can uninstall an App using the /apps uninstall slash command. During the uninstallation process, both the bot and the OAuth app are deleted, and an OnUninstall callback is sent to the App if it’s defined in the manifest.

sequenceDiagram actor System Admin System Admin->>Mattermost server: uninstall app Mattermost server->>Apps framework: uninstall app Apps framework->>App: call OnUninstall if defined Apps framework->>Apps framework: disable app Apps framework->>Mattermost server: delete bot Apps framework->>Mattermost server: delete OAuth app

/apps uninstall parameters 

The generic form of the /apps uninstall command is:

/apps uninstall <AppID>

The AppID is defined in the App’s manifest.

For example, use the following command to uninstall an App with an AppID of my-app:

/apps uninstall my-app

Register an App 

Registering an App in a Mattermost installation means the App is available in the product Marketplace, can be installed by the System Admin, and once installed, can be available to users. When a new App is registered, or a new version of an existing App is registered, the manifest.json data from the App is updated, and a new App is added to the product Marketplace.

After registration, the Mattermost server synchronizes the list of the registered Apps by downloading appropriate manifests from the file store and storing them in memory. The product Marketplace shows updated App listings and the System Admin can install the App or new version of the App.

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