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Debug Apps

The Apps framework includes a built-in slash command, /apps debug, that enables App debugging features, such as viewing logs and listing key/value (K/V) store records.

The following debug features are available as subcommands:

  • logs: streams App logs to a channel in Mattermost.
  • bindings: fetches and displays an App’s bindings, in the command’s context, and any errors associated with it.
  • clean: wipes out Apps and their data.
  • kv: examine and modify App KV store records.
  • sessions: examine the current pool of user sessions.
  • oauth: examine App OAuth2 records.

Debug subcommands 


The logs subcommand enables log streaming to a Mattermost channel.

The generic form of the /apps debug logs subcommand is:

/apps debug logs [--create-channel <true/false> | --channel <channel_id>] [--level <Debug/Info/Warning/Error>] [--json <true/false>]

The subcommand parameters are:

Name Type Description
create-channel boolean Create a new channel to receive log messages. The new channel will be named DEBUG: Apps Plugin Logs.
channel string The ID of an existing channel to receive log messages.
level string The level of log messages to stream to the channel.
One of Debug, Info, Warning, or Error.
json boolean Include log entry properties, in JSON format, with log messages.


  • Enable App debug logging at Info level in a new channel:

    /apps debug logs --create-channel true --level Info
  • Enable App debug logging at Debug level in an existing channel and include log entry properties:

    /apps debug logs --channel ytqokpzzcinszf7ywrbdfitusw --level Debug --json true 

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