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App deployment

  • In Mattermost Cloud, all apps are deployed to the Marketplace by Mattermost staff. They can be installed onto a specific Mattermost instance using /apps install listed command. No special configuration is required, the /apps install command should be enabled and functional by default.

  • Self-managed Mattermost installations can use external Apps as HTTP services that have already been deployed, or can deploy App bundles on self-managed hosting or serverless platforms. Currently, AWS Lambda, OpenFaaS, and Kubeless deployments are supported. appsctl command can be used to deploy app bundles to these environments.

    Self-managed customers can also install external HTTP apps, with no need to deploy them.

    appsctl CLI tool is provided to deploy AWS and OpenFaaS apps in self-managed environments. To install appsctl, go install github.com/mattermost/mattermost-plugin-apps/cmd/appsctl@latest

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