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Developer Setup

Set up your development environment for building, running, and testing the Mattermost web app.

  1. Set up your development environment for the Mattermost server.

  2. Install dependencies

  3. Fork

  4. Clone the Mattermost source code from your fork next to your mattermost-server directory:

    git clone$GITHUB_USERNAME/mattermost-webapp.git
  5. Link the client directory in your server with the dist directory in your webapp:

    cd mattermost-server
    ln -nfs ../mattermost-webapp/dist client
    cd ..
  6. Test your environment:

    cd mattermost-webapp
    make test
  7. (Optional) Enable live reload functionality to refresh the webapp as you edit the source code. First, install and enable live reload script injection extension for your web browser (Chrome | Firefox), then run (before running webpack):

    export MM_LIVE_RELOAD=true