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The Mattermost System Console

Adding fields to the configuration 

In order to add fields to the configuration, you need to modify model/config.go in the server by adding the desired field to one of the structs such as ServiceSettings and setting its default value in the corresponding SetDefaults method.

Exposing settings in the System Console 

To expose the newly-added field in the System Console, you need to add that same setting to the AdminDefinition JS object in mattermost-webapp/components/admin_console/admin_definition.jsx. This object defines most of the settings in the System Console.

Making settings available for non-admin users 

To make the newly added setting accessible to non-admin users in the apps, you’ll need to add it to the GenerateClientConfig method in config/client.go in the server. Note that this always encodes the setting as a string, so anywhere that you would want to use this value in the client, you have to look for a string.