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Mattermost Plugins: An Introduction

Mattermost plugins are isolated pieces of code written in Go and/or React. They’re separate from the main repositories and are used to extend the functionality of the Mattermost server and webapp.

  • The Go portions run directly on the Mattermost server, and are managed by the server at runtime.
  • The React portions run in each user’s browser, allowing developers to modify the user interface in several ways.

The plugin Help Wanted tickets are located in each plugin’s respective GitHub repository. In order to browse all of the open tickets, see the plugin Help Wanted tickets page with links to specific plugin repositories, as well as queries for Help Wanted tickets in all repositories. The All Plugins Up for Grabs link is useful to browse all repositories at once.

The plugin developer setup and developer workflow pages are useful to learn about the plugin development environment. You can find more information about plugins in general here.

Note: The make commands listed in the developer workflow page (specifically make test and make check-style) should be used locally to run certain tests before submitting a PR. This makes the PR review process much more streamlined overall.