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Which query to use?

We love Testing Library as it encourages writing maintainable tests, to develop with confidence, and to ensure web application is accessible by default. Fortunately, there is @testing-library/cypress which provides simple and complete custom Cypress commands and utilities that encourage such good testing practices.

With that, which query should I use when writing Cypress tests? 

There is a dedicated page from testing-library that helps answering the question. Read the said article to learn more. The following is a short summary of the recommended order of priority:

Queries Accessible to Everyone reflect the experience of visual/mouse users as well as those that use assistive technology.

  • cy.findByRole
  • cy.findByLabelText
  • cy.findByPlaceholderText
  • cy.findByText
  • cy.findByDisplayValue

Semantic Queries use HTML5 and ARIA–compliant selectors. Note that the user experience of interacting with these attributes varies greatly across browsers and assistive technology.

  • cy.findByAltText
  • cy.findByTitle

Test IDs

  • cy.findByTestId

Base Queries are considered part of implementation detail and are discouraged to be used. You’ll still find it in the codebase but it will be replaced soon. Therefore, please refrain from reusing the existing pattern. However, it’s listed as an option when wanting to limit the scope of selection.

  • cy.get('#elementId')
  • cy.get('.class-name')

Acceptable usage:

// limit the scope but chained with recommended query
cy.get('#elementId').should('be.visible').findByRole('button', {name: 'Save'}).click();

// limit the scope then use the recommended queries within the scope
cy.get('.class-name').should('be.visible').within(() => {
    cy.findByRole('input', {name: 'Position'}).type('Software Developer');
    cy.findByRole('button', {name: 'Save'}).click();

Query Variants

Note that cy.findBy* are shown but other variants are cy.findAllBy*, cy.queryBy*, and cy.queryAllBy*. See Queries section from testing-library.

Which query should I not use? 

Xpath such as descendant selector, e.g. ul > li and order selector, e.g. ul > li:nth-child(2). If the element can only be queried with this approach, then you may modify the application codebase, improve and make it “accessible to everyone”.

Do you still have problems knowing how to use Testing Library queries? 

There is a very cool Chrome extension named Testing Playground, and it helps you find the best queries to select elements. It allows you to inspect the element hierarchies in the Chrome Developer Tools, and provides you with suggestions on how to select them, while encouraging good testing practices.