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Folder and file structure

The folder structure is mostly based on the Cypress scaffold which was created on initial run. Folders and files are:

|-- e2e
  |-- cypress
    |-- tests
      |-- fixtures
      |-- integration
      |-- plugins
      |-- support
      |-- utils
    |-- cypress.json
    |-- package-lock.json
    |-- package.json
  1. /e2e/cypress/tests/fixtures or Fixture Files:
    • Fixtures are used as external pieces of static data that can be used by tests.
    • Typically used with the cy.fixture() command and most often when stubbing network requests.
  2. /e2e/cypress/tests/integration or Test Files
    • To start writing tests,
      • Simply create a new file (e.g. login_spec.js) within /e2e/cypress/tests/integration folder and;
      • Refresh tests list in the Cypress Test Runner and a new file should appear in the list.
    • Subfolder naming convention depends on test grouping, which is usually based on the general functional area (e.g. /e2e/cypress/tests/integration/messaging/ for “Messaging”).
  3. /e2e/cypress/tests/plugins or Plugin Files
    • A convenience mechanism that automatically includes the plugins before running every single spec file.
  4. /e2e/cypress/tests/support or Support Files
    • A support file is a place for reusable behaviour such as Custom Commands or global overrides that are available and can be applied to all spec files.
  5. /e2e/cypress/tests/utils for common utility functions.
  6. /e2e/cypress/cypress.json for Cypress configuration.
  7. /e2e/cypress/package.json for all dependencies related to Cypress end-to-end testing.