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Basic code structure

// Copyright (c) 2015-present Mattermost, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// See LICENSE.txt for license information.

// **********************************************************************
// - Use [#] in comment to indicate a test step (e.g. # Go to a page)
// - Use [*] in comment to indicate an assertion (e.g. * Check the title)
// - Query an element with @testing-library/cypress as much as possible
// **********************************************************************

// Group: @change_group

describe('Change to Functional Group', () => {
    before(() => {
        // Add hard requirement to immediately fail and throw a descriptive error if not met
        // cy.shouldNotRunOnCloudEdition();

        // Add license requirement
        // cy.apiRequireLicense();

        // Init basic setup for test isolation
        cy.apiInitSetup({loginAfter: true}).then(({team, channel, user}) => {
            // Assign return values to variable/s
            // Visit a channel
            // Do other setup per test data precondition

    // Add a title of "[Zephyr_id] - [Zephyr title]" for test case with single step,
    // or "[Zephyr_id]_[step_number] - [Zephyr title]" for test case with multiple steps
    it('[Zephyr_id] - [Zephyr title]', () => {
        // Test steps and assertion here
  • Groups are used in order to filter spec files to run group-specific tests
  • Run META=Group npm run uniq-meta to see a list of existing values
  • Possible values:
    • functional group (required), e.g. @account_setting
    • specific server requirement, e.g. @not_cloud, @te_only
  • The word should be named after a functional group related to test case(s)
Hard requirement 
  • Possible values:
    • cy.shouldNotRunOnCloudEdition()
    • cy.shouldRunOnTeamEdition()
    • cy.shouldHavePluginUploadEnabled()
    • cy.shouldHaveElasticsearchDisabled()
    • cy.requireWebhookServer()
License requirement 
  • Possible values:
    • cy.apiRequireLicense()
    • cy.apiRequireLicenseForFeature('Feature') where Feature is “LDAP”, “Guest Accounts”, etc.
Init basic setup for test isolation 
  • Make use of InitSetup as much as possible to help run tests in isolation.
  • It is recommended to log in as a new user and visit the generated team and/or channel.
  • Avoid the use of sysadmin user or default ad-1 team.