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Set up and run iOS end-to-end tests

Local setup 

  1. Install applesimutils:
    brew tap wix/brew
    brew install applesimutils
  2. Set XCode’s build location so that the built app, especially debug, is expected at the project’s location instead of the Library’s folder which is unique/hashed.
  3. Open XCode, then go to XCode > Preferences > Locations.
  4. Under Derived Data, click Advanced….
  5. Select Custom > Relative to Workspace, then set Products as Build/Products.
  6. Click Done to save the changes.

Test run in debug mode 

This is the typical flow for local development and test writing:

  1. In one terminal window, run npm run ios from the root folder.
  2. In another terminal window, run npm i then npm run e2e:ios-test from the /detox folder.

Test run in release mode 

This is the typical flow for CI test run.

  1. Build the release app by running npm run build:ios-sim from the root folder or npm run e2e:ios-build-release from within the /detox folder.
  2. Run the test using npm run e2e:ios-test-release from the /detox folder.