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Mattermost folder and file structure

The folder structure is mostly based on the Detox scaffold which was created on initial run. The folders and files are:

|-- detox
  |-- e2e
    |-- support
    |-- test
    |-- config.json
    |-- environment.js
    |-- init.js
  |-- .babelrc
  |-- .detoxrc.json
  |-- package-lock.json
  |-- package.json
  1. /detox/e2e/support or Support Files.
    • The support folder is a place to put reusable behavior such as Server API and UI commands, or global overrides that should be available to all test files.
  2. /detox/e2e/test or Test Files
    • To start writing tests:
      • Create a new file (e.g. login.e2e.js) in the /detox/e2e/test folder.
    • The subfolder naming convention depends on the test grouping, which is usually based on the general functional area (e.g. /detox/e2e/test/messaging/ for “Messaging”).
    • Test cases that require an Enterprise license should fall under /detox/e2e/test/enterprise/. This is to easily identify license requirements, both during local development and production testing for Enterprise features.
  3. /detox/.detoxrc.json for Detox configuration.
  4. /detox/package.json for all dependencies related to Detox end-to-end testing.