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Environment variables at Mattermost

We use several environment variables for Detox testing in order to:

  • Easily change when running in CI.
  • Cater to different values across developer machines.

Test configurations are defined at test_config.js and environment variables are used to override default values. In most cases you don’t need to change the values, because it makes use of the default local developer setup. If you do need to make changes, you may override by exporting, e.g. export SITE_URL=<site_url>.

Variable Description
SITE_URL Host of test server.

Default: http://localhost:8065 for iOS or for Android.
ADMIN_USERNAME Admin’s username for the test server.

Default: sysadmin when server is seeded by make test-data.
ADMIN_PASSWORD Admin’s password for the test server.

Default: Sys@dmin-sample1 when server is seeded by make test-data.
LDAP_SERVER Host of LDAP server.

Default: localhost
LDAP_PORT Port of LDAP server.

Default: 389