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Setup and run Android E2E

Local setup 

  1. Install the latest Android SDK.

    sdkmanager "system-images;android-30;google_apis;x86"
    sdkmanager --licenses
  2. Create the emulator using npm run e2e:android-create-emulator from the /detox folder. Android testing requires an emulator named detox_pixel_4_xl_api_30 and the script helps to create it automatically.

Test run in debug mode 

This is the typical flow for local development and test writing:

  1. Open a terminal window and run react-native packager by npm install && npm start from the root folder.
  2. Open a second terminal window and:
  • Change directory to /detox folder.
  • Install npm packages by npm install.
  • Build the app together with the androidTest using npm run e2e:android-build.
  • Run the test using npm run e2e:android-test.

Test run in release mode 

This is the typical flow for CI test run:

  1. Build a release app by running npm install && npm run e2e:android-build-release from the /detox folder.
  2. Run a test using npm run e2e:android-test-release from the /detox folder.