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Mobile Apps Workflow

Running and Building the Apps 

Use the Makefile commands to run and build the apps. See these instructions for developing on a real device.

Adding New Dependencies to the Project 

If you need to add a new dependency to the project, it is important to add them in the right way. Instructions for adding different types of dependencies are described below.

JavaScript Only 

If you need to add a new JavaScript dependency that is not related to React Native, use npm, not yarn. Be sure to save the exact version number to avoid conflicts in the future.

e.g. npm add -E <package-name>

React Native 

As with JavaScript only, use npm to add your dependency and include an exact version. Then link the library in React Native by running react-native link <package-name> in a terminal.

Be aware that we are using React Native Navigation. For Android, you might need to complete the linking process manually as the react-native link command won’t do it for you.

To do this, after running the react-native link command, head to <project-root>/android/app/src/main/java/com/mattermost/rnbeta/ and initialize the react native library that you just added in the createAdditionalReactPackages method.


Usually the React Native libraries that you add to the project will take care of adding new dependencies to the project.

If you come across a case where adding new dependencies manually is needed, we recommend you first review your work to confirm the need. The Android documentation should then be followed to add the libraries.


Sometimes you may need to add iOS specific dependencies that React Native cannot normally link. These will be in the form of Cocoapods.

To add them, edit the Podfile located in the ios directory, then from that directory run pod install to update the Podfile.lock file.

Project Directory Structure 

 ├── android # Android specific code
 ├── app # React Native code
 │   ├── actions
 │   ├── components
 │   ├── constants
 │   ├── i18n
 │   ├── mattermost_managed
 │   ├── notification_preferences
 │   ├── push_notifications
 │   ├── reducers
 │   ├── screens
 │   ├── selectors
 │   ├── store
 │   ├── styles
 │   └── utils
 ├── assets
 │   ├── base
 │   │   ├── i18n
 │   │   ├── images
 │   │   └── release
 │   └── fonts
 ├── coverage
 ├── dist
 │   └── assets
 │       ├── i18n
 │       ├── images
 │       └── release
 ├── docs
 ├── fastlane
 ├── ios # iOS specific code
 ├── scripts
 └── test