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Build Preparations

First of all, ensure that the following remains exactly the same as in the original mattermost-mobile repo:

  • The package ID for the Android app and the Bundle Identifier for the iOS app remain the same as the one in the original mattermost-mobile repo com.mattermost.rnbeta.
  • Android-specific source files remain under android/app/src/main/java/com/mattermost/rnbeta.
  • Your environment variables are set according to your needs.

Install Xcode command line tools: 

$ xcode-select --install

Install Fastlane 

Fastlane is the easiest way to automate beta deployments and releases for your iOS and Android apps. 🚀 It handles all tedious tasks, like generating screenshots, dealing with code signing, and releasing your application.

# Using RubyGems
$ gem install fastlane -NV

# Alternatively using Hombrew
$ brew cask install fastlane 

For more information you can visit the Fastlane docs.