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Google Summer of Code

Below are the proposal categories for applicants of Mattermost for Google Summer of Code. Please cite one of the categories in your application proposal.


Mattermost is moving towards building upon and improving the extensibility and plugability of the platform. This means that whenever possible new feature are defaulted to being build via plugins or extensions.

Plugins can be frontend, backend, or a combination of the two. Here are some examples:

You can learn more via the plugins documentation. Do you have an idea for a plugin or an extension? We’d love to hear about it.


There are lots of ways to improve Mattermost (desktop, API, webapp, mobileapp). Some ideas are listed in the Jira instance. Among those, some are in development and others haven’t been started. Of course there are lots of ideas that haven’t even been thought of yet!

Do you have an idea for improving the product or do you have an interest in implementing one of the existing ideas? Maybe you’ve used something in another tool that you Mattermost could use? Maybe you have a novel idea. The sky’s the limit!


There are lots of ways that the various code bases (webapp, desktop, mobile, and server) can be improved architecturally and from security and performance perspectives.

Some examples might include:

  • Converting JavaScript to TypeScript
  • Improving the mobileapp or webapp performance
  • Refactoring some code or rearchitecting a tier of the code base

No experience with Mattermost code is necessary, just bring your interests, ideas, and unique technical expertise.


Perhaps you’re process-oriented thinker and see ways that Mattermost could improve somehow. This might include the development workflows, product management, continuous delivery, community involvement. Whatever it is we’re interesting in improving upon it. Again, sky’s the limit here too; sometimes the biggest impacts come from fresh sets of eyes who don’t yet accept the status quo. Is that you?