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Core Committers

A core committer is a maintainer on the Mattermost project that has merge access to Mattermost repositories. They are responsible for reviewing pull requests, cultivating the Mattermost developer community, and guiding the technical vision of Mattermost. If you have a question or need some help, these are the people to ask.

Core Committers 

Below is the list of core committers working on Mattermost:

Core Developers 

Below is the list of core developers working on individual Mattermost repositories:

Community Moderators 

Below is the list of community moderators who share feedback and answer questions on Mattermost through forums, GitHub issues and the Mattermost community server:

Product Managers 

The core team also has product managers who do a lot of great work designing, prioritizing and coordinating. They are:

Release Managers 

The core team also has release managers who help with prioritization and coordination. They are:

QA Testers 

The core team also has QA testers who verify the correct functionality of the product from release to release. They are:

Build Engineers 

Security Engineers 

Technical Writers 

The core team also has technical writers who document product features and functionality from release to release, along with product managers. They are: