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Getting Started with Mattermost

Welcome to the Mattermost project!

We’re very glad you want to join hundreds of community members who have contributed code to Mattermost repositories in GitHub.

Our goal is to make your experience as great as possible. Follow these simple steps to contribute:


Sign up to our Mattermost site

Go to and join the Developers and Contributors channels to ask questions.

Choose which project you want to contribute to

Click through them in the sidebar on the left. If you’re not sure, try starting with the server project, which offers an easy way to introduce you to the codebase.

Set up your developer machine

Each project has its own developer setup instructions. Find them in the sidebar on the left.

Select a ticket

Find help wanted tickets in GitHub. Comment to let everyone know you’re working on it. If there’s no ticket for what you want to work on see contributions without a ticket.

Start developing

Each project has its own developer flow for tips on working with the Mattermost codebase. When your changes are ready, run through our checklist for pull requests. Note that if it’s your first contribution, there is a standard CLA to sign.